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Capsules - Empty Gelatin Capsules

We offer Gelatin, HPMC and Pullulan empty capsules. To get a quote please fill out one of the forms below.

In addition to our exceptional line of ingredients, Vivion is pleased to now provide high-quality empty gelatin capsules in our product range. Available in all sizes, various quantities, and several colors, our gelatin capsules are ideal for those who are wanting to make their own supplements or manufacture pharmaceutical products in a high-scale production facility, and we guarantee that we can provide you with capsules that suit your unique needs. 

To ensure peace of mind, Vivion only supplies products from the most reputable and ethical manufacturers. Our gelatin capsules are derived from all-natural bovine sources, are free from GMOs, and are certified Kosher and Halal. As well as being BSE free, our gelatin capsules are of the highest pharmaceutical grade quality and are manufactured in accordance with cGMP standards. We keep empty gelatin capsules in stock in every size, from #00 to #5, at all of our locations, so you never have to worry about putting your production on hold. We work not only to supply you with the highest quality available gelatin capsules but also to support you in your production, from start to finish of the manufacturing process. 

Reach out to our team now about how we can support you with your gelatin capsule needs, or feel free to reach out to learn more about our vast array of ingredients and chemical products.




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