Calcium Carbonate

Choose Vivion as your Calcium Carbonate supplier. Vivion is known as a reputable wholesale distributor of Calcium Carbonate and other ingredients and chemicals. We ensure regulatory compliance, consistent high-quality products, and personalized service. If you are looking for bulk quantities of Calcium Carbonate then please reach out below for a quote to work with Vivion as your trusted ingredients supplier.

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Get Quote for Bulk Calcium Carbonate

Get Quote for Bulk Calcium Carbonate

Experience unparalleled product quality and dedicated service with Vivion. Rely on us for your bulk Calcium Carbonate needs, and witness the distinct benefits of partnering with a wholesale ingredient provider truly committed to your achievements.

At Vivion, we are dedicated to serving bulk manufacturers, and that ensures Calcium Carbonate is consistently stocked in all our storage facilities. Serving as a prominent bulk ingredient distributor, we prioritize meeting your production essentials by ensuring an uninterrupted supply, no matter the magnitude of your production requirements.

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Calcium Carbonate Specifications

Name Value
CAS Number 471-34-1
Appearance White colored powder;
Flash Point n/a
Partition Coefficient n-octanol/water-
pH 10%w/v
Vapor Pressure n/a
Relative Density 2.7 - 2.95;
Solubility 1gm for 10% w/ v suspension, soluble in dilute acids;
Odor Odorless;
Boiling Point n/a
Bulk Density n/a

Calcium Carbonate Documentation

Vivion Documentation

Calcium Carbonate Documentation

Why Choose Vivion as Your Calcium Carbonate Supplier

Ensuring precise and up-to-date documentation for every ingredient is of utmost importance to Vivion, and Calcium Carbonate is no exception. Our dedicated quality team is fully equipped to furnish all compliance-related documents, such as specifications and certifications, for this product. With Vivion's extensive and conveniently accessible documentation, you can rest assured that any potential production delays arising from compliance concerns will be effectively averted. Opting for Vivion as your primary source for bulk Calcium Silicate introduces you to a renowned wholesale expert celebrated for its impeccable product quality, tailored client services, and steadfast adherence to regulatory standards. Let us stand by you as your trusted ally in meeting all your Calcium Silicate wholesale demands. Derived from natural rocks like chalk, limestone, and marble, Calcium Carbonate is a versatile substance that finds applications in various industries. Its exceptional properties make it highly sought after, especially for its ability to enhance product performance in different settings. b>Features and Benefits
  • Pure Composition: Ensures consistent and reliable results in various applications.
  • Fine Particle Size: Facilitates easy blending with other ingredients, promoting uniformity in formulations.
  • Essential Mineral: Supports bone health and aids in maintaining optimal calcium levels in the body.
  • pH Regulation: Assists in achieving the desired acidity levels in products.
Use Cases
  • Pharmaceutical: Calcium Carbonate is widely used in calcium supplements to promote bone strength and also acts as an antacid.
  • Food & Beverage: By acting as a natural food additive, Calcium Carbonate provides calcium enrichment and enhances texture in various products.
  • Cosmetics: Utilized in skincare formulations for its ability to improve skin texture and promote a healthy complexion, Calcium Carbonate is incorporated into many cosmetic products.
  • Agriculture: Calcium Carbonate serves as a soil amendment to neutralize acidic soils, enhancing nutrient availability for plant growth.
Choose Vivion as your trusted wholesale supplier for high-quality Calcium Carbonate, ensuring reliability and excellence in every order.

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