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Get Quote for Bulk Glucosamine

Get Quote for Bulk Glucosamine

As the leading distributor of ingredients and chemicals, Vivion proudly presents our exceptional offering of bulk Glucosamine. From as little as 50 lbs, we are your premier source for this essential compound. You’ll receive nothing but the finest quality due to our efforts to meet and surpass industry standards.

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A Chemical Structure of Glucosamine

Glucosamine Specifications

Name Value
CAS Number 66-84-2
Appearance White crystalline powder
Flash Point n/a
Partition Coefficient n/a
pH 3.0 – 5.0
Vapor Pressure < 0.0001 Pa @ 25 oC
Relative Density n/a
Solubility Soluble in water.
Odor None
Boiling Point n/a
Bulk Density ≥ 0.70 g/cm3

Why Choose Vivion as Your Glucosamine Supplier

Vivion is your reliable partner when it comes to Glucosamine, offering you crucial documents for compliance needs whenever you request it. You will always receive the most up-to-date and accurate documentation for any records or certifications you may require thanks to our dedication to consistently updating and archiving product information. We are committed to customer service, and we always provide honest advice and open communication. For Glucosamine, choose Vivion for assurance of quality and peace of mind. As your supplier for wholesale Glucosamine, we’ll ensure that you have a reliable partner for your manufacturing needs. We guarantee exceptional product quality and personalized service with a dedication to meet your Glucosamine requirements. Experience the exclusive advantages of working with Vivion, a company that genuinely values its customers. A natural compound found in cartilage, Glucosamine is a multipurpose and high-quality ingredient used in various applications. As a popular choice among manufacturers, it possesses several benefits that enhance the overall performance of formulations.
Features and Benefits
  • Enhanced Joint Health: Known for its ability to support joint health and improve mobility, making it an ideal ingredient for products targeting joint-related issues.
  • Excellent Solubility: Ensures quick and efficient absorption in the body, maximizing its bioavailability and effectiveness.
  • Enhanced Stability: Glucosamine's low hygroscopicity prevents moisture damage, preserving the integrity and shelf life of your products.
Use Cases
  • Joint Health Supplements: Glucosamine is a key ingredient in joint health supplements, providing essential support for individuals seeking improved joint function.
  • Nutraceutical Formulations: Nutritional supplements that aim to promote overall well-being can benefit from the addition of Glucosamine, enhancing their effectiveness and appeal.
  • Topical Applications: Glucosamine's versatility extends to topical formulations, where it can be incorporated into creams, gels, or ointments targeting joint discomfort.
  • Functional Foods: Incorporating Glucosamine into food products, such as bars or beverages, allows consumers to conveniently incorporate joint health support into their daily diet.
Elevate your formulations with Vivion's premium Glucosamine, the trusted choice of leading manufacturers, for unparalleled quality and performance.

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