At Vivion, we have secured our position as the distinguished distributor of wholesale Betaine and a range of other ingredients and chemicals. We pledge that our products will always meet regulatory standards with outstanding quality and specialized customer support. Our longstanding industry presence is also a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation. If you are looking for bulk quantities of Betaine, reach out for a detailed quote from our team. You will always experience trust and dependability when you choose Vivion for your bulk ingredient needs.

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Get Quote for Bulk Betaine

Get Quote for Bulk Betaine

If you’re looking for an exceptional offering of Betaine, Vivion stands out as a premier wholesale distributor of chemicals and ingredients. Starting from just 25 kg, we provide superior bulk Betaine that not only meets but goes beyond industry benchmarks and your anticipated standards.

In order to provide our renowned exceptional service, Vivion emphasizes both ease and cost-effectiveness in supplying bulk ingredients to manufacturers. With a consistent stock of Betaine in our storage facilities, we offer you a competitive edge in terms of cost and ready availability. Regardless of your volume needs, our wholesale products are always at your service, ensuring a continuous supply.

Forging partnerships with customers is at the heart of our ethos. You can count on Vivion for superior ingredients, tailored service, and budget-friendly prices. Our stature as a small business allows us to adapt swiftly to your unique needs, propelling your manufacturing to unparalleled levels.

A Chemical Structure of Betaine

Betaine Specifications

Name Value
CAS Number 107-43-7
Appearance White crystalline powder, Solid.
Partition Coefficient n/a
pH 5.0-7.0(10% Solution in water)
Vapor Pressure n/a
Relative Density n/a
Solubility Solubility in water 160g/100g (20°C)
Odor Odour Odorless or weak particular odor.

Betaine Documentation

Vivion Documentation

Betaine Documentation

Why Choose Vivion as Your Betaine Supplier

For Betaine compliance needs, you can put your trust in Vivion as your steadfast ally. We consistently update and store product documentation (e.g. safety data sheets and certifications), guaranteeing you the latest and most precise information. At Vivion, customer service means transparent dialogue and continuous support, and we believe that distinguishes us from the rest in the sector. Your manufacturing demands are our priority, and with Vivion you'll have a reliable partner. We're steadfast in meeting your Betaine demands, with our meticulous product quality and customized service as evidence. Experience the special perks of joining hands with Vivion, a wholesale ingredients supplier who is deeply committed to its customers. Betaine, a cutting-edge product from our brand, is a versatile and high-performance ingredient. With its range of beneficial properties, Betaine is frequently incorporated into formulations for various applications.
Features and Benefits
  • Enhanced Stability: Betaine ensures the stability and integrity of products, Betaine protects products against degradation and extends their shelf life by ensuring their stability and integrity.
  • Improved Solubility: With its high solubility, betaine allows for quick and efficient dissolution, ensuring optimal absorption and bioavailability.
  • Enhanced Flavor: For products needing an enhanced flavor profile, Betaine can lend a consistent and enjoyable taste experience.
  • Moisture Protection: Its low hygroscopicity prevents moisture damage, preserving the quality and efficacy of the final product.
Use Cases
  • Pharmaceutical Formulations: Betaine can be used as an active ingredient in medicine, assisting with several body processes such as cellular reproduction metabolizing the amino acid homocysteine.
  • Nutritional Supplements: From vitamins to herbal remedies, betaine can be incorporated into various nutritional supplements, enhancing their manufacturing process and improving taste.
  • Food & Beverage Betaine can be used as a nutritional supplement and natural preservative in food and beverages.
  • Personal Care With its moisturizing properties, Betaine is often used in products for dry skin or hair. It also contributes to product stability, texture, and overall performance.
Experience unparalleled quality and performance with every use with Betaine, specially supplied by Vivion.

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