Citric Acid

Vivion stands out from the competition due to our unwavering quality, commitment to regulatory compliance, and personalized service. As a trusted wholesale distributor of Citric Acid and many other chemicals and ingredients, we have built a Solid reputation in the industry. If Citric Acid is what you’re looking for in large quantities, reach out to us. Request a quote now to understand why so many choose Vivion as their preferred supplier of high-quality ingredients. Let us be your first choice for Citric Acid and other top-tier products.

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Get Quote for Bulk Citric Acid

Get Quote for Bulk Citric Acid

Because of our prominence as a wholesale distributor of ingredients and chemicals, Vivion is the best option for you to choose when looking for a bulk supplier of Citric Acid. To ensure we can fulfill a wide range of requests, we make this product available in a variety of amounts, starting at 25 kg. Because we emphasize quality, you can rest assured that every one of our products will always meet or exceed the most stringent quality standards.

Citric Acid is kept in stable supply at each of our various distribution centers, giving us a competitive advantage that sets us apart. There is no need to worry about supply constraints in any capacity, as our wholesale ingredients and chemicals are always available and in stock, no matter the magnitude of your demand.

As a small business, Vivion offers a heightened level of individualized attention to our customers that is frequently lacking in larger competitors. We sincerely appreciate each of our clients and commit to performing any additional effort in order to fulfill their unique requirements. Our dedication to providing smooth transactions and personalized assistance enhances the overall customer experience and guarantees satisfaction.

A Chemical Structure of Citric Acid

Citric Acid Specifications

Name Value
CAS Number 77-92-9
Appearance Powder,Granulate, Color : white,Colorless
Flash Point n/a
Partition Coefficient -1
pH at 20°C, 2.2 at g/l: 10, 1.7 at g/l: 100, at 25°C, 1.8 at g/l: 50
Vapor Pressure 1.7 x 10-8 mm Hg (25°C / 77°F) (estimated)
Solubility 592 g/l (20°C)
Odor oderless
Boiling Point n/a
Bulk Density n/a

Citric Acid Documentation

Vivion Documentation

Citric Acid Documentation

Why Choose Vivion as Your Citric Acid Supplier

Our commitment to excellence is paramount at Vivion. Our heightened focus on the integrity and quality of our products ensures that they adhere to all regulatory requirements. Conforming to compliance and regulatory standards, we scrupulously maintain comprehensive records and provide comprehensive documentation and certification. You can always rely on the superior quality of our products, which consistently adhere to all regulatory requirements. Opting for Vivion as your primary supplier of bulk Citric Acid means aligning with a reputable wholesale provider renowned for superior product quality, personalized service, and rigorous adherence to quality and regulatory benchmarks. Discover the distinct Vivion difference, a company centered on its customers, and let us become your preferred partner for bulk Citric Acid needs. For your extensive Citric Acid needs, opting for our services allows you to experience the unique benefits of collaborating with a compact enterprise. You can depend on Vivion for outstanding product excellence and consistent customer support because we are devoted to your success. Citric Acid is a natural acid found predominantly in citrus fruits and is known for its versatility across various industries.

Features and Benefits

  • Natural Origin: Derived from citrus fruits like lemons and limes
  • Water-Soluble: Ideal for liquid solutions
  • Preservative Qualities: Extends product shelf life
  • Taste Enhancer: Adds a tangy flavor to food and drinks
  • pH Adjuster: Modulates pH in cosmetics
  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning: Acts as a natural descaler
Use Cases
  • Nutraceutical: A chelating (binding) agent in nutritional supplements. It may also be used for flavoring or effervescent effect it produces when combine with bicarbonates and carbonates.
  • Food & Beverage: Flavoring and preservative agent in candies and beverages and a widely used acidulant (gives a tart, sour, or acidic flavor to foods).
  • Personal Care: Used to soften water in soaps and laundry detergents. Adjusts pH in skincare products.
  • Household: Natural cleaning agent for removing hard water stains.
Harness the benefits of Citric Acid from your trusted wholesale ingredients supplier, Vivion.

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