Formulation Services

At Vivion, we understand the importance of perfecting your product’s formula. Our expert formulation services are tailored to bring your vision to life, combining quality, efficiency, and innovation. Whether you’re developing a new product or refining an existing one, our team is here to support your journey every step of the way.

Close up of person wearing laboratory PPE holding a container of powder while writing data on a clipboard.

$5,000 for the First 3 Ingredients

*$500 for Each Additional Ingredient

Individual Ingredient Tests

  • Bulk Density Calculation
  • Tapped Bulk Density Calculation
  • Angle of Repose
  • Compressibility Index
  • Hausner Ratio

Post-Mix Tests

  • Mixing Your Ingredients
  • Post-Mix Powder Flow Testing
  • Post-Mix Bulk Density Calculation
  • Post-Mix Tapped Bulk Density Calculation
  • Post-Mix Angle of Repose
  • Mix Validation (conducted by 3rd party)

Tablet Formulation and Tests

  • Tablet Size and Weight
  • Tablet Friability
  • Tablet Hardness
  • Tablet Disintegration

FREE Proof of Concept Testing

Send us your finished formulation and our formulation scientists will:

  • Analyze your formulation’s flow.
  • Tablet your formulation using standard 8 mm flat-faced, bevel-edge, bisect tooling.
  • Analyze the finished tablet.
  • Send you back the finished tablet.
  • Make recommendations on any changes (for formulations with Vivion excipients only).