Sodium Citrate

As a prominent distributor of Sodium Citrate and various other premium ingredients, Vivion has established a name for ourselves in wholesale supply. Recognized for our adherence to regulatory standards and consistent product excellence, our reputation in the wholesale sector is above the rest. Should you require bulk quantities of Sodium Citrate, we invite you to get in touch below for a customized estimate. Partner with Vivion and experience the distinct quality and service that positions us as a leading figure in the ingredient market.

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Get Quote for Bulk Sodium Citrate

Get Quote for Bulk Sodium Citrate

Vivion, a leading wholesale distributor of ingredients and chemicals, is your ideal choice for bulk Sodium Citrate. We are able to support various manufacturing needs, offering this product in quantities as low as 25 kg. Be assured, with our stringent commitment to quality, every product upholds or exceeds the industry's highest standards.

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Sodium Citrate Specifications

CAS Number4-03-32
AppearanceWhite crystalline
Flash Pointn/a
Partition Coefficientlog Pow: -1.8 - -0.2
pH7.5 - 9.0 (77 °F / 25 °C), Concentration: 5 %
Vapor Pressuren/a
Relative Density1.86 (68 °F / 20 °C)
Solubility400 - 700 g/l (68 - 77 °F / 20 - 25 °C)
Boiling PointDecomposes below the boiling point.
Bulk Densityn/a

Sodium Citrate Documentation

Vivion Documentation

Sodium Citrate Documentation

Why Choose Vivion as Your Sodium Citrate Supplier

Vivion's pursuit of excellence can be seen through in our meticulous record-keeping for Sodium Citrate. This approach guarantees that our Sodium Citrate follows industry standards, complete with current certifications and documentation. Alongside our comprehensive customer care, we ensure clarity and comprehension in every interaction regarding Sodium Citrate. These endeavors not only uphold our values but truly set our Sodium Citrate apart.

Opting for Vivion as your supplier for bulk Sodium Citrate connects you with a distinguished wholesale specialist recognized for its exceptional product excellence, personalized assistance, and unwavering commitment to regulatory compliance. Allow us to become your reliable partner for all your wholesale Sodium Citrate needs, and discover the distinct advantage that comes from collaborating with Vivion - a small business that genuinely values its customers.

Sodium Citrate is a multifunctional compound that has been utilized in various industries for its wide range of applications. It is gaining popularity as a valuable ingredient in many modern products.

Features and Benefits

  • Food Additive: Commonly used as a food additive, acting as a preservative, flavor enhancer, and acidity regulator.
  • Pharmaceutical Applications: Utilized in the pharmaceutical industry for its ability to improve the stability and effectiveness of certain medications.
  • Anticoagulant Properties: Known for its anticoagulant properties, making it useful in blood collection tubes and preventing blood clotting.
  • Urinary Alkalinization: Can be used to increase the pH of urine, aiding in the treatment of certain urinary tract conditions.

Use Cases

  • Food and Beverage Industry: Sodium Citrate is a common ingredient in various food and beverage products, including carbonated drinks, jams, and dairy products.
  • Medical and Laboratory Settings: It is widely used in medical and laboratory settings for blood collection, as well as in the preparation of certain medications.
  • Personal Care Products: Sodium Citrate can be found in personal care products such as toothpaste and mouthwash, providing benefits like tartar control and pH balancing.

Elevate your product with Sodium Citrate from Vivion, the trusted name in wholesale ingredient supply.

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