Grains of Paradise

Vivion is distinguished as a leading wholesale supplier of Grains of Paradise, offering not just this product but a wide range of other ingredients and chemicals. Our reputation stems from our dedication to stringent regulatory standards, a relentless focus on product excellence, and a commitment to tailored customer service. Leveraging years of industry experience, we aim to stay ahead by adapting to evolving market demands. For those in search of bulk Grains of Paradise, we welcome you to reach out for a personalized quote. Partner with Vivion for a steadfast sourcing relationship built on quality and trust.

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Get Quote for Bulk Grains of Paradise

Get Quote for Bulk Grains of Paradise

As the leading distributor of ingredients and chemicals, Vivion proudly presents the finest selection of Grains of Paradise, available in bulk quantities starting from as little as 25 kg. Our unwavering dedication to exceeding industry standards ensures that you receive nothing but the highest quality.

At each of our distribution hubs, we maintain a consistent stock of Grains Of Paradise, providing you with a distinct advantage in terms of product accessibility and cost-effectiveness. Whether you require a large or small quantity, our wholesale chemicals and ingredients are readily available, guaranteeing a seamless supply.

Building strong relationships with our clients lies at the core of our business philosophy. Our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction results in exceptional ingredients, attentive service, and competitive prices. Thanks to our small business organization, we are able to offer tailored services that cater to your individual needs.

Grains of Paradise Specifications

CAS Number27113-22-0
AppearanceYellow Brown Fine Powder
Flash Pointn/a
Partition Coefficientn/a
Vapor Pressuren/a
Relative Densityn/a
SolubilityNot Soluble in water
OdorCharacteristic Odor
Boiling Pointn/a
Bulk Densityn/a

Why Choose Vivion as Your Grains of Paradise Supplier

At Vivion, we take pride in being your reliable partner when it comes to compliance documentation. Our commitment to excellence extends to our exceptional product, Grains of Paradise. As advocates for your needs, we ensure that our information on this exquisite spice is regularly updated and securely archived.

Have no doubt, when it comes to records or certifications, Vivion guarantees to provide you with the most current and accurate documents for Grains of Paradise. Our dedicated customer support team is always ready to assist you, offering open communication and expert guidance throughout your journey with this remarkable product.

What truly sets Vivion apart is our unwavering commitment to quality. With Grains of Paradise, you can trust that you are receiving a product that has been meticulously sourced and handled with utmost care. Elevate your culinary creations with the unique flavors and aromas of Grains of Paradise, and experience the Vivion difference today.

Depend on Vivion when it comes to sourcing the finest Grains of Paradise for your business. Our commitment to exceptional product quality and personalized service sets us apart, ensuring that you receive the unique benefits of working with a company that truly values its customers. Entrust us with your Grains Of Paradise requirements and experience the difference that Vivion can make for your manufacturing business.

Grains of Paradise, a unique spice sourced from West Africa, is a must-have addition to your product line. Known for its distinct flavor and numerous health benefits, this spice is sure to elevate your production to new heights.

Features and Benefits

  • Health Enhancement: Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory attributes, this spice can amplify the health benefits of nutraceutical and wellness products, supporting digestion and boosting metabolism.
  • Distinctive Flavor Profile: Introduces a unique, peppery taste with citrus and cardamom undertones, setting your products apart in the market.
  • Seamless Integration: Its fine consistency ensures easy blending in various formulations, guaranteeing uniformity in product batches.

Use Cases

  • Nutraceuticals: Grains of Paradise can be integrated into health supplements, offering a potent and concentrated form of its benefits.
  • Food Production: For manufacturers aiming at gourmet quality, Grains of Paradise can elevate the taste profile of a range of products, from sauces to main courses.
  • Beverage Formulation: Enhance craft beverages, specialty teas, and infused spirits with the intricate flavors of Grains Of Paradise for a standout consumer experience.
  • Baking and Confectionery: Incorporate Grains of Paradise into industrial baking recipes to add a unique flavor twist to bread, pastries, and other baked goods.

Optimize your product offerings with premium Grains of Paradise sourced from the reliable supplier Vivion, ensuring unmatched quality and taste differentiation in the competitive market.

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