Folic Acid

Vivion has earned its reputation in the industry as a reliable wholesale distributor, when it comes to Folic Acid among other premium ingredients and chemicals. By prioritizing regulatory standards, we ensure that every product you receive aligns with the highest quality standards. Our team is continuously driven by a commitment to uphold our esteemed customers’ trust and satisfaction. Beyond our products, we pride ourselves on delivering customized services that always meet individual client needs. Those in the market for bulk volumes of Folic Acid can reach out to us for a tailored quotation. Dive into a partnership with Vivion and experience premium ingredient excellence.

Please note: We are a wholesale supplier and have minimum order quantities.
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Get Quote for Bulk Folic Acid

Get Quote for Bulk Folic Acid

Look no further than Vivion when you seek a reliable bulk supplier of Folic Acid. We’ve established ourselves as the go-to option in the industry, thanks to our commitment to quality, ensuring that every batch of Folic Acid meets or exceeds the highest standards.

Understanding the importance of catering to diverse needs, at Vivion, we offer Folic Acid in a variety of quantities. Whether you require a small or large amount, rest assured, we have you covered. Our extensive distribution network guarantees a stable supply of Folic Acid at all times, providing us with a competitive edge over others in the market.

Unlike larger competitors, Vivion takes pride in providing personalized attention to our customers. As a small business, we value each client and go the extra mile to meet their unique requirements. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring smooth transactions and offering personalized assistance, enhancing the overall customer experience and guaranteeing satisfaction.

Folic Acid Specifications

CAS Number59-30-3
Flash Pointn/a
Partition Coefficientn/a
Vapor Pressuren/a
Relative Densityn/a
SolubilityVery slightly soluble in cold water, hot water
Boiling Pointn/a
Bulk Densityn/a

Why Choose Vivion as Your Folic Acid Supplier

Excellence is our top priority at Vivion, and it extends to every product we offer, including our Folic Acid supplement. We maintain a strong emphasis on preserving the integrity and quality of our products, ensuring that our Folic Acid complies with all regulatory requirements. Our commitment to compliance and regulatory standards is evident in our comprehensive record-keeping and our collection of detailed documentation and certifications, which are available to you at any time. You can rest assured that our Folic Acid supplement consistently meets all regulatory requirements, delivering a level of superior quality that you can always rely on.Looking for a trusted wholesale provider for bulk Folic Acid? We can support you. We are renowned for delivering exceptional product quality, providing tailored service, and maintaining an unwavering commitment to meeting stringent quality and regulatory standards. Experience the unique advantage that Vivion offers - a company dedicated to putting customers first. Let us be your preferred partner for all your bulk Folic Acid requirements, ensuring your needs are met with excellence.Folic Acid, the synthetic form of Folate, is a vital nutrient known for its numerous benefits and is commonly found in various foods and supplements.
Features and Benefits
  • Cardiovascular Health: Folic Acid contributes to maintaining healthy blood vessels and supports heart health by regulating homocysteine levels, promoting cardiovascular well-being.
  • Neurological Well-being: Folic Acid is involved in the synthesis of neurotransmitters, which are essential for proper brain function and mental health. It contributes to the health of the nervous system.
  • Immune Function: Folic Acid plays a role in supporting a robust immune system. It aids the body in fighting off infections and diseases, contributing to overall immune function.
  • Cell Growth and Development: Folic Acid plays a vital role in supporting cell growth and development. It is essential for the production and maintenance of new cells, making it crucial for proper growth and development.
Use Cases
  • Nutritional Supplements: Folic Acid is an essential ingredient in prenatal vitamins and overall health supplements.
  • Food Fortification: This ingredient is added to cereals, bread, and other food products to increase Folic Acid intake.
  • Brain Health: Folic Acid supports cognitive function and may help reduce the risk of age-related cognitive decline.
  • Heart Health: Folic Acid promotes a healthy cardiovascular system and may reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • Energy Boost: By supporting red blood cell production, Folic Acid enhances energy levels and reduces fatigue.
Count on Vivion, the trusted name in wholesale ingredient supply, for all your Folic Acid requirements.

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